Community Involvement


From GM Truck and Bus in 1992, with 28 1/4 years of service. 

UAW Leader Representing 9,636 employees, for 18 years. 

Plant Zone Man for 12-years

Committee Man for 6-years


1979 to Current – Landscape Business Owner

Lawn and Snow Plow Service which includes friendly assistance  and “Pay-it-Forward”  often given to  Citizens and Seniors in need of a helping hand.


President of Kiwanis, Rochester Hills – Member and President, 2004

Meals on Wheels - Heard the cry for Help! Volunteered for 3 years delivering meals to shut-ins and those in need of a good home cooked meal, during 2000-02.

Owner/Partnership of 2-Burger King Restaurants in Rochester Hills, near Oakland University during the late 1980′s.  Back then, I was already paying my workers $10.00 an hour! And, for their Birthday or Christmas I gave them  a bonus, a brand new ”Ben Franklin”!  I had the BEST EMPLOYEES EVER!  Just ASK Anyone who worked for me.

President of White Lake Township Associations - Head of the team that developed the “Sandy Beach Park” for the neighborhood residents, during the 1970′s.

Builder for Pat Ray and Associates in the early 1970′s, Developer for Coach Lamp Hills Subdivision in Rochester Hills.


Sergeant at Arms 

Associate Member of the Fraternal Order of Police

Pontiac-Metro Area-Lodge 132, for nearly 20 years!

Sergeant at Arms 2012 - 2014


Member of the Michigan Democratic Party – Since November 2010, a President level supporter.

Member of the Oakland County Democratic Party - Since October 2010 and Executive Board Member 2013-2015

Active with 11th U.S. Congressional District of Michigan Democrat Party – Since 2013

Member of the North Oakland Democrat Party – Since September 2010

Member of the Waterford Democratic Club - Since September 2010


Proud Supporter of the WCMU Public Broadcasting Network – January 2013




Political Involvement

~ * ~

2012 and 2014


N E I L   B I L L I N G T O N

Running for State Representative of District 43


2010 – Candidate for State Representative – I ran as the “sacrificial lamb” against the republican candidate for the positive benefit of Regina Strong. Hoping to give her more time to take the seat without a primary.  We are good political friends in our circle of peers.

1998 – Candidate for Rochester Hills Mayor – Up against the incumbent until 6 other candidates filled during the last 2 days. I took 3rd place..

1996-1998   City Council of Rochester Hills and Board Member of Building Authorities – Having the best qualifications for the job, I was appointed by City Council to fill an open position in 1996-1998.  During which time, I had the pleasure to work along side of Garry Peters. Today, Garry Peters is better known as U.S. Congressman and is currently running for U.S. Congress.

~ * ~

A good Leader is one who . . .

 Knows the way!

Shows the way!

Goes the way!

 If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything!

 You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men. 
(1 Corinthians 6:23 )   


Ready 2 Work 4 U!

Standing on the steps of the State Capital Building, Lansing Michigan

It’s not about me, Neil Billington – it’s about all of Us!  There is so much at stake this election, we must come together and work as one!  There is no greater time of need than right now to get involved! !   Don’t wait until it’s too late to do something, you’ll never now how much time you have until you find out – you have no more time!  Reach out and give a hand to someone who is in need of your support.  It may be the best thing you have ever done!   The reward is priceless!!




2011 – Recall language was approved by Judge Linda Hallmark of Oakland County to recall State Representative Gail Haines of District 43 for voting Yes on Michigan House Bill 4214 now Public Act 4 of 2011.   (Emergency “Financial” Managers)

After tirelessly attempting to get the recall petition language approved, I came to realize my effort would be in vain if I perused gathering the necessary requirement of signatures needed in half the of time now allotted to meet the February Ballot deadline.

I decided, instead of wasting time and energy pushing the petition drive forward, who better than “myself” to run for the position of State Representative of District 43.  This is now, my opportunity to make a difference for the good of the people.

I am not one to sit-back and take it!  
I did not earn the nickname “HAMMER” by letting others influence
my better judgment! 

Back in the days, when working for General Motors, I was a “rebel” with a cause!  As a Shop Committee Zone Man, I fought to protect the rights of the workers!  I was the Leader of the 99% back before the modern-day version of the 99% became known as the Occupy Movement.  I did not tolerate the agenda of the 1%.

Ask anyone who has ever known of me!
To this day, I still believe and follow the same matter of principles!
My reputation proves, I will take my job seriously!  

I will “hammer-out” any problems within my ability (and through God who strengthen me), which seriously affect the well-being and rights of all persons in the 99% group trying to reach and achieve their American dream!


1996 – Spearheaded the Petition Drive to recall the Mayor of Rochester Hills, for the misappropriation of City Funds. The Recall Petition directly influenced her early resignation and a Civil Suit Conviction.

I then decided to run for Mayor of Rochester Hills.  Up until the very last couple of days, it was me against the appointee.  Then out of the blue, 7 other people decided to jump into the race in order to monopolize the votes.  This was definitely a tactic of dirty politics so that the appointee could maintain the position.  Needless to say, it worked.  I did not win – but even against the odds, I only lost by a very small margin.






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