Incentive to Live in Michigan!



for a brighter tomorrow!


There’s an urgent need

for struggling families to recover quickly

from the adverse influences affecting

their every day life!




Why not take a different approach?


Here’s an “Idea” for you,

A Plan

for a brighter tomorrow.


Live, Grow, Work and Retire in Michigan!

Let’s give back to the People of Michigan

After all, They are the “wheel” that turns the economy!


65 25 O

An Incentive to Live in Michigan

and, Encourage Economic Growth!

A Plan to encourage people to stay and live in Michigan.

An Incentive Plan
to encourage people to stay and live in Michigan.


So HOW does this work?


You are

65 +

Years Old


( No longer Working )

A Full-Time Resident Living in Michigan.


- 25 -

Years or More

Paying Michigan Property Taxes

on your Primary Home.





Property Taxes on Your Primary Home!


A PLAN for a brighter tomorrow!

Giving back to the People instead of taking more away from them

will help encourage Economic Growth.

After all, They Are the “wheel” that turns the economy!

65 - 25 - o

. . .This same idea is already taking place in other states around the country, Georgia is one of them.  Residents earning $40,000 annual income or less, qualify for a tax exemption on their primary home property taxes.  Afterwards, gradual and proportional increments of taxable earned income and property taxes are then established accordingly by the legislature to meet state funding requirements. 

Everyone Wins!

. . .Michigan can adopt this same principle!  Instead of Gov. Snyder’s new tax law, PA 38 of 2011, that was imposed on our senior citizens in order to give more money to wealthy CEOs of Businesses and Corporations.


Plain and Simple!

. . .This works for all residents who want to Live, Grow, Work and Retire in Michigan!  This Plan brings back the “Golden Years” to anyone who owns their own home.  Something which everyone can look forward to!  A Special Tax Exemption just for living in Michigan!

Think of it as a “reward” for making-it to the finish line!

. . .There is no reason why anyone should be put out of their home at the age of 70, 80 even 90 years old just because they can no longer afford to their pay property taxes!  Especially, if they have been paying property taxes through out their entire lifetime and their home is already paid for!  This is a terrible crime of injustice against our senior citizens!

. . .The qualifying or application process can be done similar to the way Social Security was supposed to be set-up and followed, when Franklin D. Roosevelt (D) was elected President in 1932. 

. . .This “voluntary program” in the beginning, was set-up to take a payroll deduction out of each pay-day check.  The yearly amount at that time was 1% of the first $1,400 of a person’s annual taxable income.  This money was put into a trust fund to be saved for later when it could be used for “retirement” income. 

. . .Somewhere along the way this once Trusted Savings Plan took a wrong-turn and lost it’s integrity for which the true purpose was intended.

. . In today’s world, the Social Security program is no longer voluntary.  The Federal Government now automatically deducts 7.65% on the first $90,000 of annual taxable income from everyone receiving a paycheck.  And, at the end of the year everyone is now required by law to file a Tax Return.

. . .In order for this “65-25-0 Plan” to work, ALL safeguard must be taken to ensure the Money set aside for this “Plan” goes directly into a “Trust Fund” and it must never find it’s way to the General Fund where it can be unforgivably misappropriated by Politicians!


Demand Leadership Accountability!


So Tell me,

Who wouldn’t like

to have extra MONEY in their pockets to spend?

I can’t think of anyone, can you?




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