65-25-0 “Now there’s an IDEA!

Incentive to Live in Michigan, TAX Relief for Seniors!

Reform Government Now! It’s time to take back what Lansing has taken away from the families in Michigan. The Michigan Business Tax should not be the “Beast of Burden” on Our Seniors, nor should we push Our Young People out-of-state for Work!

This is just an idea, the numbers may need to be tweaked – but the concept is good!

65 Years Old (at least) and RETIRED

25 Years – As a Full Time Michigan Resident Paying Property Homestead Taxes

No More Homestead Property Taxes! You’ve PAID Your Dues!!

It’s time for Large Corporations to do more than raise the prices on their goods and services. They are the ones making Profits and who Can Afford to Pay a little More in Taxes! Not Our Retirees!!


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