Cherie and Neil

Standing Together, side by side!

Neil Billington and wife, Cherie at the Campaign Kick-off Event April 26th, 2012.

Looking behind the 2012 Election . . .

Nobody really knows just hard it is to run for office unless they have personally run a political campaign themselves. Time, energy, money and dedicated volunteers are essential for a winning victory.

It takes a strong individual to sustain the attacks from the opposing side and possible heartbreak of defeat. Never the less, deep inside every candidate is a strong driving force to succeed and persevere to the final end. In doing so, the reward will be to promote their ideas and to better serve the people who elected them into office.

Even though the 2012 Election is now over . . .

This is not the end of the line for me! I will continue my political journey down the road less traveled and prove that dedication, hard work and perseverance does pay-off in the end.

Look Out 2014 – ’cause Here I Come!



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