Judge Connie Marie Kelley with Neil and Cherie – May 2012

Running with the Judge!

Judge Connie Marie Kelley is one of the Michigan Democratic Party choices for Supreme Court Judges running in this year’s election.

Judge Connie Marie Kelley has served in Wayne County as a Judge and as a Lawer.
She has taken on sexual harassment and discrimination cases and fought
for the Rights of Women and Workers in the work place.

She created a youth mentoring program for at-risk girls to help them achieve their full potential. And, has demonstrated common-sense and a tough-on-crime approach to resolving family issues while serving on the bench.

She will bring important experience and understanding to the Supreme Court.

Southfield District Judge Shelia Johnson and University of Michigan Law Professor Bridget Mary McCormack are the other members of the “trio” running for the “MDP Supremes” !

These Ladies are committed to Law and Michigan needs a change in the Supreme Court!

Michigan Taxpayers deserve a High Court that is fair and impartial, instead of
a Court that sides with Big Insurance Companies and Polluters.
A Supreme Court that will stand up for the middle class families of Michigan and who will fight to protect children!

This year, is the first time in Michigan’s history that the Michigan Democratic Party will endorse 3 Candidates who are all women AND who are strong advocates of protecting children and families in Michigan.

So remember, this year on November 6th . . .

Turn your Ballot over to the back-side and Vote for the “3 Supremes”!

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