Stand-up for Collective Bargaining!

Standing-up for YOU!

Protect Working Families!


Make Michigan Families Priority #1!

Live, Grow, Work and Retire in Michigan!


As State Representative,

I Promise to be the Voice of the People

Standing-up for all that is good and right, for 

All People Who Live In Michigan,

and for ALL who want to

make Michigan their home!



For 43rd District State Rep!


Neil Billington

Together WE CAN make Michigan a better place!


It’s Time to


Leadership Accountability!

Gov. Snyder says, "It's nothing personal, It's Only Business!
Gov. Snyder says, “It’s nothing personal, It’s Only Business! . . . .
Governor Snyder says, 
“ It’s Nothing Personal, It’s ONLY Business! ”

“NERD”  Chooses

C.E.O.s and Big Money

Over Best Interest of People!

. .  The 2010 newly elected Governor Rick Snyder, campaigned as being a Nerd”  instead of running as a “Republican” which allowed him the flexibility to side-up with C.E.O.s, Large Corporations and Special Interest Groups within the very first few days of office! 

After all, he is a “Businessman” first!

. . In his round-about-way of maintaining and attracting new businesses” to Michigan,  he drastically cut the Michigan  Business  Tax (MBT) from 22.9% to a 6% tax. In doing so, he has just created  another need  to be filled  from lost revenue!  Gov. Snyder’s next  course of action  is to place a TAX on the Senior Citizens living in Michigan!   This direct-hit will soon effect, All Seniors Citizens Born After January 1st, 1946 and living full-time in Michigan. For most seniors living on a limited and fixed income, they will be burden worst of all by the MBT liability.

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Which brought about the “New Tax Law” targeting

Senior Citizens Pensions and Family Homes


PUBLIC ACT 38 of 2011

.. . This new tax law has assaulted Our Seniors with a Pension Tax on their retirement!  And, to add insult to injury this new tax law also increases the Property Tax on Our Senior Citizens retirement home !!

Both Taxes went into effect January 1st, 2012!


.Is this Really

.What the People of Michigan had hoped for?


To have More MONEY coming Out of their pockets,

and going straight into the hands of greedy

C.E.O.s, Corporations and Special Interest Groups

who are trying to buy America at our expense!?


I don’t think so. . .


Next on the agenda. . .

.Gov. Snyder and the G.O.P. Legislature,


PUSH “Right to Work” Movement

A $trategic method being used by the G.O.P. and $pecial Intere$t Group$ attempting to break-down Unions and Democrats supporting the RIGHTS of ALL hard-working Middle Class people in America!

. . .The infamous Koch Brothers-David and Charles, have taken advantage of new loopholes found in campaign laws.  They have already parted with more than $30 million on record, being used towards de-bunking 2014 election races across the country so far!

. . .Americans for Prosperity has no problem $pending millions of dollars on devastating TV Ads against many well-known and high-profile Democrats such as Gary Peters and Debbie Stabenow.   And, do their best to miss-lead voters with tainted information and lies in order to suit their agenda of  running the country behind the scenes!


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During the 2012 “Lame Duck Session” Governor Rick Snyder and the Republican Majority, signed “Right to Work” Legislation behind closed doors!  Beginning 2013, the People of Michigan will now be working harder for lessTrying to earn a living and provide for their family on Michigan’s minimum wage of $7.30 an hour!  A Reduced Work-Week, many only getting Part-Time hours, allowing companies to Reduced Employee Benefits, and employees will still have to deal with questionable working conditions!

. . .The Governor’s idea of “re-inventing” Michigan, has just set us back 50 years in the making! There have been many high-profile people and organizations who have helped fuel the “Right to Work” movement. The biggest cry of the “Right to Work” movement is, you’re no-longer  required to PAY Union Dues!  AND, you will still be represented by the Union!

. . . . . REALLY??

Seriously, do you believe all that?

Well, this is neitheRight or True, and I’ll tell you why!.


Having an UNION. . .


Erica Murphy - Communication Outreach Coordinator

PROTECTS the Worker!

YOU HAVE A JOB! Because, You have a “negotiated contract” that guarantees a specific wage, benefits, safe working conditions, a means to dispute unethical management demands, and IF you are ever “unable to work” due to health or personal reasons you will not lose your job over it!


Lets say, You’re looking to buy a new home.

And, You find that “perfect one”  except for one thing, this “home” is in a neighborhood that has a “Neighborhood Association” which in this case, is similar to having a “Union”.

What does all this mean?

Well, it means you have certain guidelines to follow as well as certain privileges.  Certain maintenance service items are provided, and protection in some cases for your property due to damage is covered in this “negotiated contract” which ALL have Paid into.


There is “Someone” else who also wants to “move into this same neighborhood”.  And They too, as well as you, are made aware of the “Neighborhood Association” (Union) which will give them as well as you, Full Access to ALL of which it has to offer!  The pool or beach, lawn or snow plow service, even repairs to your roof caused by storm damage or flooding in your basement, and even a brand new flag pole erected if everyone agrees on it!

“How Cool Is That?”

YOU would then be, very happy to PAY your “dues”  in-order to be a part of this “wonderful” new neighborhood with it’s Neighborhood Association (Union) in-order to receive all of this “good stuff” and all of which it has to offer!

. . . wouldn’t you?

So WHY then . . .

Should “someone” else knowingly, moving into this same neighborhood with it’s  “Neighborhood  Association”  (Union)  get the same perks and benefits as those who have already PAID for them, when They themselves Do Not PAY to have those “special privileges” ?.

Is that fair to everyone else?

No, it’s not.


The same thing holds true for being in a UNION.  


to have the Benefits it provides,

When YOU PAY into it!


Another miss-conception about “Right to Work” is . . .

Try getting Workman’s Compensation after being hurt on the job! Your Boss just might come back and say to you, “Hey, what are you complaining about? You’re the one, who wanted the Right to Work! So Work!! Besides, you’re still covered under the Federal Government Law. So, if you want to be compensated take your battle up with them!  OTHERWISE, Either Go Back To WorkORget-out-of-the-way so I can find someone “else” who wants to WORK!  And, I’ll Give them YOUR Job!”

Not exactly

the “happy ending” to

the Story

But, It’s TRUE!





Not The Worker!

(NOT As the Term Implies)


“Right to Work”

Leaves the Workers out in the cold

with nothing to depend-on except themselves!

. . . We who know all to well what is happening to Michigan Union Workers, MUST do whatever is necessary to protect and ensure ALL Workers are treated fairly with good working conditions and a decent living wage.

Let’s not forget

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Michigan’s Public Employee Relations

Act 336 of 1947

Courtesy of

. . . Act 336 of 1947 is still being inforced today by City and State Officials to keep public operations running smoothly.  BUT,  for PUBLIC EMPLOYEES who are not allowed to STRIKE  as any other “Union” Organization would over a dispute or not reaching a contract agreement.   Public Employees,  are made to keep-on working in order to keep their jobs!  “Arbitration” a term used for “We’ll talk about-it” is then used as a way to delay and avoid taking care of business to resolve the problems promptly.  And in some cases, it can take YEARS to rectify!   All the while, Workers are still working without a contract or unresolved issues that are not being addressed.   As for “City and State” PUBLIC Workers . . . well, they just keep-on going, just like any other day, making sure their job continues  without any interruption to the Public.  This is good for the Public  -  but, not so good for the workers.

There have been too many people who have

sacrificed their life

to organize and be a part of a Union!

. . . These Workers deserve the Right to Strike as any other Union worker has the right to Strike over a dispute that needs to be ratified.

~ > > >  < < < ~


. . . just ask Jimmy Hoffa or The Reuther Brothers!

No disrespect, but it’s too late. 
They’re dead because they fought for what they believed in!




Protect Your Rights,

Visiting with UAW Friends, Tim and Jennifer Oard



People. . .

. . WHO do not study History are bound to repeat IT!




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