Right Choice for Teachers!

Billington and Billington

Working together for YOU – Neil Billington for State Representative and

Cherie Billington for Waterford School Board Trustee

Bridging the gap between City and State!


Time to Clean House!


I support a Teacher’s Right to have

a Negotiated Contract with Benefits!



Give Our Teachers the Tools and Resources

they need to teach, Our Children

to ”think on their feet” while

preparing them

to “compete and succeed” in life! 


The Greatest Gift we can give Our Children

is a Quality EDUCATION!    



Charter Schools ” - “ Home Schools ” - “ E-Schools ”

Are the

Wave of the Future

AND, if  “Youhave the money to put your children

in a Private School, wonderful! 


. . . The whole purpose of SCHOOL is to Teach Our Kids!  But, like everything else CHANGE is making way for a new era of learning possibilities.  More and more parents are wanting better than what is being offered in traditional school settings for their children.

. . . Tax-payer dollars are being stretched to the limits with diverse variables affecting Per-Student Funding, City and State will have to ensure no child going to a Public School will be left behind academically because tax-payer dollars are going else where due to a shift in public school enrollment.

. . . The State of Michigan cannot afford to fail our children.  It’s time, the cuts come from the top and not at the expense of teaching our kids, the next generation and the future of our country depend on it!


There should not be a price-tag on a child’s primary education.



Sources: State Aid Status Reports –

http://mdoe.state.mi.us/SAMSStatusReports/StatusReport.aspx and Executive Recommendation, 2/11/14, House Fiscal Agency

Download the full statewide data set here.


Next Time you talk to a Teacher, ask HER/HIM how things are in their Classroom . . .

. . . You hear-it everyday on the News!!  For a number of reasons, more and more schools are shutting down!  One reason being, Budgeting for Privatized School Transportation Workers,  School Food Service Workers, and School Cleaning and Maintenance Workers.  Many JOBS have been lost because of this and has created an even bigger  waste of money!  School Board Trustees granted the “contracts” for these  necessary School Services to the lowest bidding contractors.  School Board Trustees failed to enact the at-will to terminate clause in the contracts of these contractors for unsatisfactory service.  IF a School has a “special” event, IT WILL COST THE SCHOOL MORE to have these “contract” workers do those EXTRA Not-Added into “Their” Contract jobs!  This is just another reason why, So Many School Districts are being forced to CLOSE down schools in order to meet their budgets!   

. . . There are other reasons as well for School Districts to close schools.  Declining student enrollment, due to “MONEY” Issues, safety of students and the quality of education.

. . .And are you aware, TEACHERS are having to use their own money to Buy School Supplies and some even Provide FOOD to their kids that come from home Hungry! So remember this when you see the commercials on T.V.  about starving children in another country.  IT’s Happening Right-Here before your very eyes – and some of you Don’t Even know-IT!  


Decisions made by School Board Trustees,

 Private Contractors and The Governor

are a direct reflection of

WASTE and Mis-management of Funds!








. . . Most kids just want to know that you actually care about what is going on in their life.  If you’re thinking, it’s got to be the  “teacher’s fault” as “the reason”  WHY your child is not doing well in school, take a closer look at the situation.   Maybe, they’re just acting-out trying to get your attention because, they are trying to tell YOU something.  

In a “ perfect world

there are no disobedient children.

.Seek Answers.

We are ALL connected, We ARE all Affected!



House Bill 4627

 Allows “SCHOOLS to keep and promote their choice of teachers.  

. . . Instead of a teacher having proper representation from a Union Rep to get down to the actual reason for a discrepancy and why, because of H.B. 4627, Roll call 171 of 2011,  it is now decided by the SCHOOL Who” to keep and Who” to get rid-of!   

Schools with “un-happy parents now decide which are the “Good Teachers and which are “Bad Teachers regardless of a teacher’s ability to teach our children well.


. . . are we living in a perfect world ?


Did You Know . . .   

There have been over 48,000 Teaching JOBS LOST since Gov. Snyder took office! 

Remember. . .

As you are deciding “WHO” to cast your Votes for in this year’s

Primary and General Election

 IS SNYDER’S way for Michigan 

Benefiting You?

. . .  Snyder feels that Corporate Leaders should NOT have to pay their fair share of Taxes and his legislative body deserve a pay raise this year!  Did YOU Get A Pay Raise This Year?  NO – you were probably told to take a pay-cut!  And, do you think he is in favor of raising the minimum wage?  Nod-da on your life!  


We are ALL connected, We ARE all Affected!


. .

~ * ~

Until the New 2014 Endorsements are made public,

I am

supported and endorsed


The Michigan Education Association

American Federation of Teachers, Michigan


I have been chosen and endorsed,

to be

Their Voice!










The Strong Leader they need to Protect their Rights

and for Collective Bargaining!


Neil  B I L L I N G T O N

Standing-Up for YOU!





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