Demand Leadership Accountability!

Protect OUR Lake Communities from the EXPLOSIVE ”Toxic Cocktail” of dangerously deadly ingredients used for Horizontal Hydraulic Fracking that is highly potential to contaminate drinking water and spoiling our lakes!

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What's in YOUR Water?

Have you heard the news?

The GOP is endangering

the Well Being and Public Safety of

ALL of US!

by NOT Protecting Our Great Lakes!


A Cut Section View of "what" lies beneath the earth of a fracking oil well.

WHY is the GOP allowing for these delays?  

Necessary action is needed to Stop Out-of-State OIL Companies from entering into Michigan for the purpose of buying-up a large quantity of the beautiful land and water ways that we call home in order to put an OIL WELL on state and private property. With no recourse actions to hold them accountable for accidents?


What Michigan’s Legi$lature and Local Government Authorities

Do Not Want you to know. . ..

. . . . A big concern in our community right now is the potential dangers Our Citizens will be facing as Jordan Development whose corporate headquarters is located in Travers City-Michigan, starts up their projects in and around the near by surrounding areas of Waterford, Clarkston and the Independence Township. The Waterford Township Board and the Clarkston/Independence Township Boards have decided to let Jordan Oil Company into our communities for political and industrial profit gains, ignoring the disapproval from it’s citizens who have voiced their concerns during the past few months at several township hall meetings.

Please note:
The City of Lake Angelus has been omitted from the list of communities “buying into” Jordan Developement’s Big Oil Scheme

Could this be, because State Rep. Gail Haines lives there? 

Think about it!


Water is needed to sustain ALL Life.

Without WATER there is death!


. . . .  When a decision of this magnitude is made, that will have a long-lasting great and powerful effect on the environment for many generations to come – The Elected Officials should listen to their constituents and not their pockets!

Let’s face it, human error is bound to happen – then what?


I AM Against the un-ethical practices of  Big OIL Corporations

trying to make Profit$ from Our Great State with total disregard for

All Life It Will Destroy!


Call-it “ Drilling ”


Call-it  F-r-a-c-k-i-n-g ”


Call-it “ Extracting ”


It ALL means the same thing!


Just DON’T do-it

in PURE-Michigan!

What’s in Your Water?


People of  District 43

Need someone THEY CAN depend on!

Someone, Who

Will Stand-Up and Protect Their Rights!


~ F R A C K I N G ~!

There is a strangle hold in Lansing with the

House Majority

keeping a “lid” on things!

GOP Votes in favor of



This Is JUST Plain Wrong!!


The Fracking Song

“My Water’s Fire Tonight!”


Neil Billington supports efforts to BAN FRACKING in Michigan!

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I believe the People of Michigan deserve better!

House Bills 5149, 5150 and 5151

Delay tactics endangering the Public’s Safety!

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WATER is more priceless than gold!


You Have My Word!

You CAN Depend on me to Protect

the Citizens of Michigan!



I AM Against

The un-ethical practices of 

Big OIL Corporations

trying to make Profit$ from

Our Great State with total disregard for

the Life It Will Destroy!

What the Michigan Legi$lature does not want you to know. . .

Is now happening in North Dakota and other

once beautiful places to live,

AND it will happen here in Michigan too!


Viewer discretion is advised.


Don’t wait until it is too late to do something!


Because of Man’s Greed for Money and Power,

Mother Earth will soon look like

all other uninhabited planets

in the universe!


Demand Leadership Accountability!!




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