The Results Are IN!

The Oakland County Election Site has posted the results from the AUG. 5th, 2014 Primary Election. 

For more information on my race and others in Oakland County

Click-on the link below

The Republican Candidates will be in the top section of the list followed by the Democrats in the lower section.

Oakland County:


. . . This was a very challenging Election for ALL who participated.  A lot of good candidates were forced to race against each other making this one of Michigan’s most difficult races every!   One thing that needs to be changed is people’s perspective as to how important the Primary Election really is – It Is The DECISION maker for the General Election face-off and the beginning of “HOW” did these people get into office? 


. . . HOW Sad that Only 20% of Michigan Voters took advantage of this opportunity to vote on Their Future!   There are 9-Million Michiganders and only 1-Million got out to vote.  Michigan has a ”Democrat” Majority – but, because they failed to get out and exercise their right to Vote – the Republicans took the lead again!


You can lead a horse to water – but you can make it drink!


. . .It’s only when things start affecting people, that they’ll get up and take action.  Until then, it’s like water over the dam.  Such an easy thing to change when “Preventative Measures” are taken.


To ALL who won their races


. . . To the rest of Us – do not give-up your dream.  You possess qualities of strength and endurance and some day You will be able to conquer your quest.


Good Luck to All, in all that you pursuit.



For other races, County Election Sites are as followed:






St. Clair:



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