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My Wife Is Running For Office!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014


What’s it going to take, to get this State back in shape?

E D U C A T E !


The Right Choice for Waterford School Board Trustee

Cherie Billington

On the November 4th, 2014 General Election Ballot

Cherie Billington


2-people, 1-purpose

Michigan Families Priority ONE!!

. . . Working together as a team, Neil and Cherie will be able to service the People of Waterford and District 43 on 2 levels! In Lansing, as State Representative and locally in the township of Waterford serving on the School Board as Trustee.

. . . Everyone knows, MAJOR changes are necessary to correct debt and the direction in which EDUCATION in the state of Michigan is heading.

. . . It’s time to take affirmative action, stop the games and special “pet” projects and get down to business of teaching our kids!

. . . Too much, hard-earned tax-payer dollars are being wasted and spent-on “status-qua” items, instead of taking care of priority business first, OUR KIDS!


2 Working together as 1

to build a stronger


between city and state!


Neil and Cherie Billington


TRUST is a big word when it is carried through with a promise.

. . . Accountability and good stewardship is needed to put our schools back on track! And, I don’t mean on the playing field!  I’m talking about School DEBT and Bond Issues!

 . . . Accountability and good stewardship is needed to put priorities and necessities FIRST instead of luxury and vanity expenses.  There is something fundamentally wrong going on and it needs to be addressed and corrected!

 . . . Tax Payers should not be expected to pay every time city and state officials spend more money than what was budget for.  People are TAXED enough and officials are being paid too much! 

 . . . Something is fundamentally wrong, when “Keeping-up with the Jones” or in this case another school, takes-over the mentality of board members of what is important and not important.


 Where is the accountability in leadership and good stewardship?

Priorities and basic necessities should ALWAYS come FIRST

before “other” or “keeping-up with the Jones”

expenses are even considered!


It’s time for Accountable Leadership

that is willing to lead by example!




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